COVID-19 Information

We have exciting news for you as Cumberland12 Cinemas will be reopening for Concessions To Go October 30th - November 1st and we will begin offering movies starting Wednesday, November 4th. Full details are coming soon, but please read our COVID-19 Guidelines to ensure a safe moviegoing experience.

Firstly, all employees of Cumberland 12 Cinemas will be trained and made aware of New York State guidelines regarding the "Movie Theaters" section of New York state businesses. These can be found at the New York State Forward website:

Cumberland 12 Cinemas will require patrons to wear masks when inside the Cinema. This includes the lobby, hallways, bathrooms and individual theaters. Masks may only be removed when patrons are seated in their assigned seats and are eating or drinking.

Tickets (for the time being) may only be purchased at the Box Office counter inside the Cinema Lobby. Online ticketing is temporarily suspended. This is so that we may assign seats to individuals or small groups and prevent the selling of seats within a full row or within 2 seats distance to any other party. Tickets may be purchased for future screenings and do not have to be purchased just before showtimes.

All theaters will only be allowed a maximum capacity of 25% and no greater than 50 people in the larger auditoriums. Individual theater capacities will be posted at the entrance to each theater.

Upon entering the Cinema, patrons will be greeted by an employee who will ask them to sign-in to our "guest book". Information required will be name, address and contact information. The employee will also ask a series of short questions which will include whether anyone in their party has recently been ill. The "greeter" will also determine whether our lobby has reached a maximum capacity. If so, patrons will be asked to wait outside until our lobby can accept more people.

After purchasing tickets at our Box Office counter, patrons will be directed to our Concession counter, via a roped walkway, or allowed to directly proceed to their assigned theater. We request that all Concession items be bought prior to the movie so that no one returns to the lobby. (There will be no refills on items at this time in order to adhere to food safety practices.)

Patrons will not be allowed back into the lobby once they have passed our ticket-taking station. Tickets will not be handled by our employees but we will direct patrons to their designated theater.

After leaving the lobby, patrons are only allowed to access the hallway, bathrooms and their designated theater. They will be asked not to reenter the lobby until they are ready to exit the Cinema. Bathrooms will be kept at limited capacity and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

After the movie has finished, patrons are required to leave the Cinema through the designated exit. There are also exits in each theater which may be used.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new way of showing films inside the Cinema. We are all learning as we go.