We Love Giving You Free Stuff

Join the free C12 A-List SWAG Rewards Program! This is your chance to earn points towards "Stuff We All Get" from Cumberland 12. It's absolutely free and this is how it works:

As an "A-List" Member you earn one point for every dollar spent on ticket and concession purchases at Cumberland12 Cinemas. There is no limit to the number of points that can be earned in a day. See Program rules below for additional details. Collect points and redeem them for free popcorn, soda, and movie tickets!

So how do you enroll in the rewards program? Simply fill out and submit our registration form and you can pick up your card at the box office 3 days after submitting or you have the option of having it sent to you. Its that easy!


Cumberland12 "A-List SWAG" Program Rules (as of 05/01/09):

This program is designed as a rewards program for frequent customers to earn points to receive free popcorn, sodas, tickets and more.

Membership can be obtained at Cumberland12 Cinemas. Membership is open to anyone aged 12 years or older. Cumberland12 Cinemas employees and their families are not eligible for membership. Any other exclusion will be based on judgment of Cumberland12 Cinemas LLC.

Cumberland12 Cinemas "A-List" members will receive 1 point for every dollar spent at the Box Office or online ticket purchases. Card must be present to receive points. Points will not be awarded after transaction is complete. There is no limit to the number of points earned in one day. Points are not awarded with the use of "Admit One Passes," "Radio Promotions" or purchasing "Bulk Discount Tickets" and Gift Cards. Points are awarded when redeeming "Bulk Discount Tickets" and using Gift Cards.

In the case of a non whole dollar amount, the points will be rounded to nearest whole dollar. (i.e. $7.75= 8 points, $9.25= 9 points)

Points are awarded for ticket transactions and concession purchases.

"A-List" members receive a reward coupon each time 50 points is accumulated. See "A-List SWAG" schedule below for details regarding which item you receive every time a new 50 point plateau is reached. Your points remain with you even though a new plateau is reached. This allows you to cycle all the way through the SWAG list, which goes on for infinity!

Coupons print at the box office each time SWAG is earned. "Free Movie Ticket" SWAG is not valid for "No Pass Attractions, 3-D and special showings." "Free Movie Ticket" coupons are valid on member's next visit. All coupons are good until date indicated on voucher. Concession coupons are NOT upgradable to larger sized item.

SWAG coupons must be legible, no tears or copies. All coupons are subject to Management verification.

Cumberland12 Cinemas "A List SWAG" cards are non-transferrable.

Cumberland12 Cinemas reserves the right to change, alter or discontinue the program at any time with or without notice to members.

Any information shared with Cumberland12 Cinemas will only be used for our purposes and will never be given out to third parties.

Cumberland12 Cinemas "A-List SWAG" Schedule:
As an "A-List" Member you earn one point for every dollar spent ticket and concession purchases at Cumberland12 Cinemas. See Program rules above for additional details.

Points      SWAG (Stuff We All Get)
50            One Free Small Popcorn
100          One Free Small Soda
150          One Free Movie Ticket
200          One Free Small Popcorn
250          One Free Small Soda
300          One Free Movie Ticket
350          One Free Small Popcorn
400          One Free Small Soda
450          One Free Movie Ticket
500          One Free LARGE Popcorn
550          One Free Small Soda
600          One Free Movie Ticket
650          One Free Small Popcorn
700          One Free Small Soda
750          One Free Movie Ticket
800          One Free Small Popcorn
850          One Free Small Soda
900          One Free Movie Ticket
950          One Free Small Popcorn
1000        One Free LARGE Soda