Sound Down, Lights Up

Cumberland12 Cinemas is thrilled to offer Sensory Friendly Showings! We believe movies should be enjoyed by everyone. To accommodate our community members with sensory sensitivity we'll be turning the sound down, keeping the lights up, and letting you move and talk as you please in the theater. Showtime begins at 10:30 am. All tickets are $8.25 per person. Come join us for the following movies:



We recently received a note regarding Sensory Friendly Shows. If you have ever wondered their impact and debated if its something for you, please read:

I want to thank you for hosting the sensory friendly movies. They’ve had a profound impact on my family. My son is on the autism spectrum. He's 12. Your sensory friendly options opened doors for my son, Jacob, better known as "Jake." Jake had pretty severe sensory issues early on. Loud noises in enclosed spaces were too much for him to handle. Jake loves professional wrestling. When he was quite young, he wanted to see a live wrestling show. My response? “Buddy, you can’t even handle a movie theater. How could you handle a wrestling show? There’s loud music, loud crowds, pyrotechnics.” Jake was determined he’d someday see a live WWE show.

We then found the sensory friendly showings and suddenly Jake could do movies. We did sensory friendly showings for about a year. He graduated to regular shows, often wearing noise-reducing headphones. The headphones were never questioned, nor were his sometimes odd behaviors at your theater. We always felt welcome. He eventually ditched the headphones. Now, my son can handle loud movies (he loves the Marvel and Star Wars franchises). He can handle live theater, even musicals with live pit bands. And, yes, he made it to live wrestling.

I sincerely believe he was able to attain his goal largely because your theater gave him the opportunity to make the first step on a long journey. I can’t thank you enough. It’s awesome to see a business with so much heart. We’re proud to support your theater. Your theater has supported us.