Year Of Free Movies

"Wouldn't it be great to see a movie every week? Wouldn't it be even better with a friend? And wouldn't it be amazing if it were all FREE? Its our YEAR OF FREE MOVIES IN 2020 CONTEST AT CUMBERLAND12 CINEMAS and here is how you can win!"

Beginning Friday, October 4th (2019) and continuing through Sunday, December 1st (2019) we will have qualifying contests every FRIDAY on our Facebook page, every SATURDAY on our website, and every SUNDAY it will be a mix on our Twitter and Instagram sites. And there will even be chances for people who receive our weekly newsletter (hint you might want to sign up for our newsletter). From each mini qualifying contest we will randomly select a winner, who will then have a chance at the grand prize of a YEAR OF FREE MOVIES IN 2020 AT CUMBERLAND12 CINEMAS! On Tuesday, December 10th at 6:00 pm we will gather all the qualifying contest winners at the theater and have a special drawing to select the grand prize winner. The winner and one guest (per visit) will get to see one movie per week throughout 2020. Note, each attendee must be seeing the same movie at the same time.

The winner will receive a laminated pass with their name on it. If the winner loses the pass they must present picture ID for replacement. The pass is not transferable, has no monetary value, and ID will be required at the time of use.

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List of Qualifying Contests and Winners in 2019:

October 4th (Facebook) - Sue Jennette
October 5th (Website) - Leslie Smith
October 6th (Instagram) - Lawrence Lobdell
October 11th (Facebook) - Benjamin King
October 12th (Website) - Geraud Pepin
October 13th (Twitter) - Shaylyn Rowe
October 18th (Facebook) - Eric Ashline
October 19th (Website) - Ginger Phinney
October 20th (Twitter) - Christina Kester-Tallman
October 25th (Facebook) - Michelle Carter
October 26th (Website) - Sharon Ratner
October 27th (Instagram) - Erika Kornmeyer
October 30th (Newsletter) - Jacob Salka
November 1st (Facebook) - LeighAnne Olson
November 2nd (Website) - Larissa Burgos
November 3rd (Instagram) - Aimee Arts
November 8th (Facebook) - Derrick Hopkins
November 9th (Website) - Tyler Patrie
November 10th (Twitter) - Mason Kozak
November 15th (Facebook) - Michelle Santor
November 16th (Website) - Barbara LaDuke
November 17th (Instagram) - John Downs IV
November 21st (Newsletter) - Paige Mercaldi
November 22nd (Facebook) - Randy Brown
November 23rd (Website) - Denise Bushey
November 24th (Instagram) - Dakota Buffington
November 28th (Newsletter) - Linda Gonyo-Horne
November 29th (Facebook) - Terry Michelle Cross
November 30th (Website) - Awaiting Confirmation
December 1st (Instagram) - Travis Shatraw